Terms and conditions

  • For operational reasons, Tourexpress.ca reserves the right to restrict boarding access five (5) minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Your ticket booking number or receipt(s) are required for exchange and/or refund if applicable*.
  • Trip Scheduled timings are for display purposes only and are subject to change without notice, Tourexpress.ca can cancel your scheduled trip and/or substitute your scheduled trip with alternative transportation without notice. 
  • Tourexpress.ca bears no responsibility or liability for any damages caused due to delays or cancellations of your scheduled trips. 

 Your ticket is not transferable and is valid only for your scheduled trip for the date(s) and time(s) indicated on your ticket. You must inform Tourexpress.ca  of any ticket cancellation prior to the scheduled departure of your trip. 

Please contact us at 5142282303 for Questions that you may have.