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Ottawa To Montreal Bus, Automobile, Minivan & Van

Ottawa To Montreal Bus, Automobile, Minivan & Van

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Ottawa To Montreal Trip Summary

Pick up location in Ottawa

Near: The University of Ottawa Campus

600 Cumberland St,
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N7

Drop off location in Montreal

1st stop: Montreal Airport

1597 Rue St-Hubert,
Montréal, QC H2L 3Z1

Approximately Distance

212 Km (131.731 miles)

Approximately Trip Duration

2 Hours

One Way Trip Price From


Return Ticket Price From


Departure from Ottawa

12:00 pm

08:45 pm

Arrival to Montreal

02:00 pm

10:45 pm

We have happily served over


of customers since we started

Why Ottawa To Montreal with TourExpress?

There are a number of reasons to choose TourExpress for your Ottawa to Montreal trip. We ensure that our passenger transport service is of high standards while keeping cleanliness, cost, safety, punctuality, and greener travel our highest priority.

Always Fresh & Clean

For the safety and health we clean and disinfect our vehicles after every trip. All our customers are asked to check temperature check before onboarding.

Always On Time

Our service is always on time. We take our customers urgency very seriously and ask other passengers to be on time too.

Regularly Serviced

All our vehicles for your Ottawa to Montreal trip are tested daily before and after trip, to ensure there are no breakdowns on the way for your rideshare.

Child Friendly

We are child friends service, we ask our customers to call us before booking the ticket to ensure we provide best service. At the moment we advice to bring your own car seat for your little ones.

Cost Effective

Our shuttle, vans and bus to Montreal from Ottawa trip prices are carefully crafted. We ensure our rates are competitive with other bus services from Ottawa to Montreal route.

Safer Trip

Our drivers are certified and careful, we ensure your Ottawa to Montreal drive or trip is safest. We are confident that you will enjoy your Ottawa to Montreal Tour.

15 Fun Things To Do on Your
Ottawa to Montreal Trip

Montreal is the biggest and oldest city in the Quebec region of Canada. As this city was built in the middle of the 17th century, you’ll get to see a lot of history while roaming around in the streets. Aside from being famous for museums and architectural buildings, Montreal offers plenty of modern entertainment and nightlife as well. Whether you’re planning a vacation with your friends or family, we guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time and create unforgettable memories while exploring the magnificent Montreal. Plan your Montreal to Ottawa Bus or Ottawa Montreal bus, shuttle or van trip today.

As the Quebec region of Canada is multicultural, the locals are mostly bilingual (they speak English and French). From spending a day in the old town of Montreal to going on a boat ride around this beautiful island, it’s such a unique destination that has so many things to discover. Due to its beautiful sceneries and remarkable history, Montreal is also named the” Paris of Canada”. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada as it offers something for everyone. Why not take a luxury van, automobile, or bus to Montreal and explore this magnificent city today? 

So, if you’re planning to visit Montreal then make sure to do these 15 fun things if you want to make your journey much more amazing. Ottawa to Montreal train could be an option but autobus Montreal will be a trip to remember. If you are looking to go to Montreal airport then visit our Ottawa to Montreal Airport shuttle page.

1. Old Town of Montreal

If you’re a history lover and want to get a peek of the 17th century, make sure to visit the old Montreal. Take a but to Montreal From Ottawa for a quick ride, you’ll be amazed to see the historic structures and narrow cobblestoned streets of this stunning neighbourhood. Whether it’s day or night, this part of the town always offers a great time.

2. Hike Mont-Royal

Ottawa to Montreal distance is only 198.2 km, You should definitely plan a trip today, to get the best view of this stunningly beautiful city, go on a short adventure and hike or cycle up the winding path to the top of Mont-Royal. It’s only 200 meters and takes around 15 minutes to get to the top. It’s a small hill that is located in the west of Downtown Montreal.

3. Canadian Poutine

Poutine is a famous French Canadian dish consisting of French fries with cheese curds and gravy. It might not look appealing at first but it’s very delicious and has a unique taste. You can easily find it in nearly every restaurant, pub, and food truck in this town. There are a few bus lines operating at the moment, get your autobus mtl tickets and plan your trip.

4. Basilique Notre-Dame

Located in the old town of Montreal, this famous Cathedral is certainly one of the most remarkable structures of this town. Both its interior and exterior are breathtakingly beautiful, you’ll get to admire the historic drawings and paintings placed everywhere inside the cathedral. Go in the evening to see an amazing light show called AURA. Tour Express service can be handy when planning your Ottawa to Montreal tour.

5. Museum of Fine Arts

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one the most popular museums in Canada when it comes to paintings, drawings, and other art collections. It has over 40,000 pieces of art organized by theme. Whether you’re an art lover or not, you can easily spend hours inside this museum. Ottawa to Montreal bus, minivan and automobile transportation is very famous among young travelers, when planning short day trips.

6. Visit The Old Port

After hiking and exploring different museums, go on a relaxing walk around the old port and take stunning pictures for your gram. In winter, you can go ice skating over there. And during summer, try the zip line above the old port for an adventurous ride. Book your Carpool Ottawa to Montreal with Tour Express for a secure and memorable trip.

7. The Ferris Wheel

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it’s a must to ride the Ferris Wheel (known as “La Grand Roue de Montréal”) if you want the best view of this town. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure! You’ll get to see a full 60-meter high panoramic view. Ottawa to Montreal train is an option when planning a trip but a bus transport is way more fun and famous among youngsters when travelling with friends. 

8. Underground City

Want some underground shopping fun? Book your Ottawa to Montreal bus, minivan and automobile tickets right now. In Montreal, the tunnels spread for over 33 kilometres! These tunnels are filled with cafes, malls, food courts, and much more. You’ll see a whole new city down there, it’s also a great way to have fun in the winter and rainy season. Take a map to easily navigate in the underground city. 

9. Try Montreal Casino

Have some money to burn? Get your bus, minivan and automobile shuttle to Montreal from Ottawa booking today to the biggest and most famous Montreal Casino, which is open 24/7 so you can go try out your luck. There are more than 3500 slot machines and over 200 gaming tables in this casino. You can also try some virtual games as well and have the time of your life. Ottawa to Montreal distance is only a couple of hours, most money magnets travel every week to try their luck.

10. The Botanical Gardens

If you’re a nature lover then you’ll definitely love the Montreal Botanical Garden. A minivan, automobile or bus from Ottawa to Montreal with Tour Express can help you disconnect yourself from the urban distractions and explore the massive greenhouse complex which has different kinds of plants from all over the world. There are many outdoor theme gardens as well, such as; Chinese gardens and Japanese gardens. 

11. Take A Boat Tour

As Montreal is an island, you can cruise through the Montreal marina and see all the top tourist destinations while sipping a glass of wine on a boat ride. You’ll get to see Montreal from a unique angle and have a breathtaking experience. Go to the Old Port and book a boat tour to start your adventure. A Train to montreal from Ottawa is considered as fastest way to reach but bus transport service is equally famous, specially for last minute day trips. 

12. Biodome Montreal

Located near the Botanical Garden, Montreal Biodome is a must place to visit if you want to experience different ecosystems in one place. It has an indoor zoo and a huge aquarium that features over 300 animals and 600 plant species worldwide. Don’t forget to watch the collection of penguins! Ottawa to Montreal drive or driving time is only 2 hours and 30 mins, it’s recommended to book your luxury automobile, van & bus tickets in advance. 

13. Jean Talon Food Market

One of the oldest and most colourful food markets in Montreal, Jean-Talon hosts a wide range of bakeries, restaurants, local food stalls, and much more. If you like to cook your own food while travelling, use Jean-Talon Market to stack all your groceries. Make sure to try the delicious maple syrup. There are many ways to get to this market if you’re travelling from Ottawa on flight, train, bus or a rideshare. 

14. Street Art At Le Plateau

Known worldwide for its awesome street art, Mile End is a trendy hippy neighborhood filled with wine bars, art galleries, and much more. Make sure to take a stroll in this small gem, you’ll feel the artistic vibes all around the town. The best way to explore Mile End is to take a cycling tour. A weekend trip or a day trip just to enjoy this part of the city from Ottawa only requires a luxury van or bus ticket. 

15. The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium was built for the Summer Olympics which was held in 1976. It’s still one of the largest stadiums in Canada, it hosts sports events and is a famous tourist destination for sightseeing. You can also climb up the inclined tower and get an amazing view of the whole city. Rideshare from Ottawa to Montreal on a van or shuttle is the quickest way to visit this stadium. A bus to Montreal from Ottawa will allow you a budget trip.

Ottawa to Montreal Trip FAQs

How long is the drive from Ottawa to Montreal?2021-07-13T17:01:43+00:00

The total driving for your Ottawa to Montreal Shuttle Van trip is 2 hours, 12 minutes. But this can change depending on rush hours or peak to low times. Please your trip accordingly and give yourself some room if going for an urgent meeting or an appointment.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:12:33+00:00

TourExpress shuttle van service is the cheapest to travel with. Your Ottawa to Montreal van ticket starts from CA$30 for a one-way trip.

What are the arrival stations for shuttles from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:12:53+00:00

TourExpress vans shuttles arrive at Station Berri-UQAM (Berri / Ste-Catherine) in Montreal. This is our drop-off location.

How many days do I need in Montreal to explore?2021-07-13T16:53:41+00:00

Montreal is one of the big cities in Canada. There is so much to see that It can take upto 7 days to explore the city. Depending on your interests this can be narrowed to 3 – 4 days. We suggest to make your list while on route to Montreal van.

Is Montreal worth visiting?2021-07-13T17:16:40+00:00

Montreal city is one of the world’s most multicultural metropolitan city. Travellers across the world come and visit Montreal all year long. Due to its indoor and outdoor seasonal activities, Montreal is second most famous city in Canada. It is definitely worth exploring or traveling to Montreal. If you are travelling from Ottawa and it’s your first time. We suggest to check out Things to do in Montreal section, to learn more about Montreal.

How to travel from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:11:57+00:00

At TourExpress we offer regular shuttle van transport services from Ottawa to Montreal. Book your one-way or round-trip travel.

What is the fastest way to get from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:09:47+00:00

The fastest way from Ottawa to Montreal is by Train, but due to its cost, which can be from $90 to $162. Our shuttle van travel is more economical with 2h 15m travel time and only $30 for a one-way trip.

How many stops are there on this Ottawa and Montreal trip?2023-05-10T03:10:09+00:00

Unless special arrangements are made TourExpress van and shuttle service is nonstop service.

How long is shuttle van ride from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:09:02+00:00

In normal times minivan trips from Ottawa to Montreal can take Approximately 2h 15m. Since Montreal is a bigger city, at peak times or during rush hours it’s very busy and travel time can increase accordingly.

How far is Ottawa from Montreal in distance, on shuttle van?2023-05-10T03:10:52+00:00

Our Ottawa to Montreal van trip distance is approximately 198.2 km or 123 miles.

What are the departure stations for shuttles from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:11:33+00:00

TourExpress shuttle van departures are from 591 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7K3. Please book online before you go to the departure pickup point. Or you can buy tickets on the spot if you arrive at the pickup point before service starts. It is not guaranteed that you will get onboarded. To have peace of mind, please book online in advance.

How much is a shuttle van ticket from Ottawa to Montreal?2023-05-10T03:10:38+00:00

TourExpress offers competitive shuttle van ticket prices. Your one-way trip will cost you from CA $30 and a return ticket will cost you from CA $60.

Is there transport service between Ottawa and Montreal?2023-05-10T02:48:40+00:00

There is a daily shuttle service between the two cities. At TourExpress there are 2 direct shuttles each day and 14 shuttles per week from Ottawa to Montreal.

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Tour Express Mobile
Tour Express Mobile

Ottawa to Montreal Trip Terms & Conditions

Baggage Policy

Luggage space is limited, you are allowed to bring 1 piece of luggage which weighs no more than 23 kgs. A piece of carry-on luggage such as a handbag or laptop carry case/backpack is allowed as well.

If you wish to travel with more than 1 piece of luggage, you can do so at an extra cost, please contact us for the additional baggage pricing. Showing up for boarding with additional bags without prior notification will lead to refusal of baggage loading in an event when the baggage loading area is full or will result in extra fees at higher costs.

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded however, they can be traded in for another journey up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the purchased tickets. will not be responsible for delays or cancellations caused by traffic, road conditions, weather or other causes over which we have no control.

Boarding Process

All passengers need to arrive at least 5 mins before the scheduled time of departure and present their tickets at boarding for validation. You do not need to print the tickets, just present the Barcode sent in your email to validate. 

Late arrivals will be not refunded and exchange of tickets will not be possible as well if the shuttle is missed due to late arrival. 

* The free Wi-Fi is being shared by all the passengers, speed of connection might be affected due to area and signals. Activities that consume a lot of bandwidth, including streaming, are not possible.

*Arrival time mentioned on this page can be changed due to or subject to road closures, traffic jams, accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

For more information, contact us at info @ or call us on 514-228-2303

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