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Sainte-Foy to Montreal Bus, Automobile, Minivan & Van

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Sainte-Foy to Montreal Trip Summary

Approximately Distance

247 Km (153 miles)

Approximately Trip Duration

2h 30m

One Way Trip Price From


Return Ticket Price From


Departure from Sainte-Foy

12:25 pm

09:25 pm

Arrival to Montreal

02:45 pm

11:45 pm

Pick up in Sainte-Foy

2880 Chem. des Quatre-Bourgeois

Drop off in Montreal

Station Berri-UQAM


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customers since we started

Why Sainte-Foy to Montreal with Tour Express?

Tour Express offers the best and quality services with easy to reach bus station Sainte-Foy to Montreal which makes it a reliable option for traveling by Bus from Sainte-Foy to Montreal. Our passengers’ safety and maintaining a standard transport service is our priority. We offer Cheap bus tickets Sainte-Foy to Montreal so you don’t have to rideshare Sainte-Foy Montreal. We work by a cost-effective traveling model for Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus ticket while keeping in check cleanliness, safety, and a healthy environment

Always Fresh & Clean

We try our best to provide the passengers with easy healthy driving so they don’t worry about health concerns on bus Sainte-Foy to Montreal. Tour Express is the cleanest and most hygienic bus service

Always On Time

Our motto at Tour Express is punctuality so, all the services that are to be offered by us, are exactly according to the schedule and our Sainte-Foy Montreal routes are always on time as well.

Regularly Serviced

We believe that the safety of the passengers must be prioritized at all conditions whatsoever! For that purpose, our vehicles are regularly serviced before and after Sainte-Foy Montreal greyhound.

Child Friendly

We are child friends service, we ask our customers to call us before booking the ticket to ensure we provide best service. At the moment we advice to bring your own car seat for your little ones.

Cost Effective

The travel Sainte-Foy Montreal tickets by Tour Express are made cheap and better for the passengers, and our one-way and round-trip packages are cheaper than other bus services.

Safer Trip

For the assured safety of the passengers on bus Sainte-Foy Montréal, Tour Express never compromises on the recruitment of its staff. We only hire certified drivers with professional experience for our Sainte-Foy Montréal bus.

12 Fun Things To Do on Your
Sainte-Foy to Montreal Bus Trip

Montreal, named after the three-peaked hill Mt. Royal located at its center, and the largest city of Canada’s Quebec province, is a delightful combination of old historical places and some newly built tourist attractions. The Sainte-Foy Montreal route is the center of attraction for many. This city is generally on the priority list of tourists visiting Canada and apart from that, the locals are also offered many beautiful places to visit or revisit. As you’re planning to experience a Sainte-Foy Montreal Bus trip with Tour Express, book your bus tickets Sainte-Foy to Montreal and we’re here to happily suggest to you the different variety of attractions that you, as a visitor, can enjoy in the city of Montreal and make your trip worth it. After our sincere recommendations, you’ll surely be convinced to pack your bags and be ready to travel with Tour Express Sainte-Foy to Montreal by bus.



Mount Royal Park is a place full of green color which you have to visit in Montreal as a tourist. You can go for a picnic with your family in this beautiful park, or for your daily exercise early in the morning, or even for boating, in the lake present there. This park has so much to offer to its visitors! This is your cue to take a direct bus from Sainte-Foy to Montreal and explore nature.


The Bota Bota Spa in the old port of Montreal is basically a ferry converted amazingly into a floating spa. It offers different facial and body spa treatments and that also, with a beautiful view in front. You might think that you don’t need to go there, but you should surely pay this spa a visit by booking your bus ticket from Sainte-Foy to Montreal now and enjoy a relaxing day!


The underground city of Montreal is a network of connected tunnel passageways with ready access to the metro system. As a shopping fanatic, you can fulfill your desire in the many malls available there. Plan your trip from Sainte-Foy to Montreal by bus and get those shopping hauls or if you’re a foodie then there’s a huge number of restaurants where you can dine in and satisfy your hunger with a cheap bus from Sainte-Foy to Montreal!


Montreal’s Space For Life Museum can offer you and your children an educational and fun experience with its spectacular collection of insectarium, planetarium, and botanical garden. There are different festivals taking place in this Museum throughout the year which provide kids with an exploration of nature, for example in November this place holds a festival called The Italian Shades of Light that you should not miss. Book your bus ticket Sainte-Foy to Montreal fast!


This market is one of the biggest markets of North America and dates back to 1933. It’s a farmer’s market where local butchers, fishmongers, bakers, etc. provide their offerings. Like Montreal’s other markets, it consists of massive block buildings which are full to the brim with local products. The open-air seasonal restaurants which open up in the market are also worth trying out. Plan your Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus Greyhound and let Tour Express help you with testing.


The Montreal Biodome was originally built in 1976 to host different activities. Currently, it functions as an indoor aquarium and zoo hosting around 200 different species of animals and around 500 different species of plants. The humid environment that its tropical rainforests provide when the rest of the country is experiencing blazing cold winters, is something that must be explored, so get bus service from Sainte-Foy to Montreal for your next trip.

7. Tam Tams at Mont-Royal

This outdoor festivity takes place every Sunday in the summer season from the month of May to September around the Georges-Etienne Cartier Monument at Mount Royal Park. Group of people, friends, and strangers make massive circles and witness live-action role-playing battles and slacklining along with many other things. You can join it too by going from Sainte-Foy to Montreal by bus. Our Montréal Sainte-Foy bus will make your journey much more memorable.


A performance venue that’s 30 years old and counting, is there to provide festive nights to locals and foreigners alike, which include no-filter costume shows, music, dancing, and comedy. It’s famous for its hostess’ roasting and remember, the closer you’re to the stage, the more likely you’re to be roasted by the hostess. So get on the fastest bus from Sainte-Foy to Montreal by Tour Express and experience the express bus Sainte-Foy to Montreal.


The streets of Montreal are flooded with pedestrians due to the various street festivals and fairs. These street fairs provide tourists with different activities like shopping, music, drinks, and food to eat. Quartier Latin during the last days of the month of May, and Grand Prix in the weekend that occurs on the 7th of June are some of the famous ones so book the slot on cheap bus fare Sainte-Foy to Montreal and enjoy!


If you’re finding an open-air cinema, Cite Memoire is the venue that has Montreal’s biggest video installation! The locals showcase the history of this city to the foreigners and the foreigners showcase the histories of their cities to the locals of Montreal. It can be more fun with our reasonable bus tickets from Sainte-Foy to Montreal and comfortable bus service Sainte-Foy to Montreal. Marguerite Bourgeoys and Congregation of Notre Dame are some of the popular narrations of Cite Memoire.


For a food lover, the Sainte-Foy to Montreal by bus trip won’t be disappointing at all! Montreal is famous for its rich variety of traditional foods and cuisine and the restaurants as well as the bars of Montreal for example, La Banquise, Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill, and Cafe Olimpico, etc. serve some of the best foods in the world! Get on the autobus Sainte-Foy Montreal to ease some worries!


The cobblestoned streets of Old Montreal, which are the exhibition of Montreal’s European roots, were established in the 1600s near the Saint Lawrence River. This neighborhood’s museums and top-class restaurants will surely be enough for you to explore all day and all night with reasonable bus fare Sainte-Foy to Montreal and carefully crafted Bus Schedule Sainte-Foy to Montreal. The street performers at the block, Place Jacques-Cartier are something that you don’t wanna miss on your Sainte-Foy Montréal.

Tour Express provided you with the 12 most fun activities that you can enjoy with friends and family on your Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus greyhound. These activities were professionally chosen so that you can benefit from them in your Sainte-Foy to Montreal by bus trip. You may be wondering about the expenses and safety of your bus trip, then be assured that the safest and still cheapest bus fare Sainte-Foy to Montreal is offered by Tour Express. Now you don’t need to calculate gas expenses for your road trip and Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus tickets or get into the hassle of planning the destinations and attractions to go to. You shouldn’t be worrying about the Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus fare because Tour Express is at your service and is offering you cheap fares. Tour Express’ professionally trained drivers and the top-notch travel facility, along with a bus schedule from Sainte-Foy to Montreal cheap designed by thoroughly considering the ease of the passengers. These are the factors that make sure that you enjoy your Bus trip Sainte-Foy to Montreal with Tour Express. We also offer shuttle services and private van services for private trips with friends and family so that no matter what your requirements are, we fulfill them with a convenient bus schedule Sainte-Foy to Montreal and convince you to book trips with Tour Express.

Sainte-Foy to Montreal Trip FAQs

How far in kilometres is it from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:41:34+00:00

The distance from Sainte-Foy Montreal is 241 km.

How long does it take to drive from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:41:59+00:00

It can take up to 2h 50m to travel from Sainte-Foy to Montreal bus schedule. Book our bus Sainte-Foy Montreal to ride in comfort.

How to get from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:42:20+00:00

Tour Express offers regular shuttle, bus, and van transport services. Book your bus from Sainte-Foy to Montreal cheap.

How much does the gas cost from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:43:20+00:00

Due to hight Gas prices these days, it can cost you $60 one way and $120 for a round trip. Save your gas cost by booking our bus Montréal Sainte-Foy.

How many hours does it take to travel from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:43:59+00:00

It takes 2 hours and 47 minutes to travel to Sainte-Foy by bus.

How much is a bus ticket from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:44:26+00:00

Tour express offers you reasonable bus fares from Sainte-Foy to Montreal, starting from $30 one way, and $60 for a round trip.

What is our pick-up point from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2023-05-10T02:55:46+00:00

TourExpress provides convenient and safe pick-up points, 2880 Chem. des Quatre-Bourgeois is the first shuttle station from Sainte-Foy.

How much does it cost to take the train from Sainte-Foy to Montreal?2021-10-30T21:45:21+00:00

Usually, the train ticket from Sainte-Foy to Montreal costs around $55 – $110.

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Tour Express Mobile
Tour Express Mobile

Sainte-Foy to Montreal Trip Terms & Conditions

Baggage Policy

Luggage space is limited, you are allowed to bring 1 piece of luggage which weighs no more than 23 kgs. A piece of carry-on luggage such as a handbag or laptop carry case/backpack is allowed as well.

If you wish to travel with more than 1 piece of luggage, you can do so at an extra cost, please contact us for the additional baggage pricing. Showing up for boarding with additional bags without prior notification will lead to refusal of baggage loading in an event when the baggage loading area is full or will result in extra fees at higher costs.

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded however, they can be traded in for another journey up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the purchased tickets. will not be responsible for delays or cancellations caused by traffic, road conditions, weather or other causes over which we have no control.

Boarding Process

All passengers need to arrive at least 5 mins before the scheduled time of departure and present their tickets at boarding for validation. You do not need to print the tickets, just present the Barcode sent in your email to validate. 

Late arrivals will be not refunded and exchange of tickets will not be possible as well if the shuttle is missed due to late arrival. 

*The free Wi-Fi is being shared by all the passengers, speed of connection might be affected due to area and signals. Activities that consume a lot of bandwidth, including streaming, are not possible.

*Arrival time mentioned on this page can be changed due to or subject to road closures, traffic jams, accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

For more information, contact us at info @ or call us on 514-228-2303

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