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Rideshare Ottawa ⇔ Montreal

Secure Ottawa to Montreal Carpool Alternative from *$28

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Pick-up & Drop-off Address in Montreal

1597 Rue St-Hubert,
Montréal, QC H2L 3Z1

Near: Station Berri-UQAM (Maisonneuve/St-Hubert)

Pick-up & Drop-off Address in Ottawa

600 Cumberland St,
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N7

Near: University of Ottawa Campus (Visual arts department)

Ottawa → Montreal Rideshare
Carpool & Ride-Hailing

Traveling from Ottawa to Montreal? Consider opting for a rideshare with Tour Express for a convenient and cost-effective journey. This 2-hour trip covers a distance of approximately 212 kilometers, making it an ideal option for those seeking a quick and affordable transportation solution.

By sharing a ride with Tour Express, you not only save on travel expenses but also reduce your carbon footprint by pooling resources with fellow passengers. With Tour Express, you can expect a comfortable and reliable travel experience, as well as the opportunity to meet new people and make connections along the way.

Ridesharing offers a cheaper alternative to traditional transportation methods, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a comfortable journey without breaking the bank. So, why not choose Tour Express for your next trip from Ottawa to Montreal? Experience the convenience and affordability of ridesharing while enjoying the scenic route between these two bustling cities.

Rideshare Vehicles

The vehicles are not prepared for long-distance journeys.

Rideshare Hygiene

The vehicles are not sanitized to practice good hygiene.

Rideshare Schedule

Your schedule may not match with drivers or passengers.

Rideshare Options

They offer limited options for traveling long distances.

Rideshare Costs

The prices for rideshares hike up during peak hours

Rideshare Hidden Fees

These ride-share services charge extra with hidden fees.

Difference between TourExpress, Ridesharing & Carpooling

Numerous travel choices exist for Ottawa and Montreal shared transportation, including carpooling, ride-hailing, and ridesharing. However, these options often entail risks, particularly concerning safety and comfort levels. Furthermore, they may not offer services for long-distance routes like Montreal to Ottawa or Ottawa to Montreal. For a secure and comfortable journey over longer distances, TourExpress shuttle van service emerges as the top choice.

Here is why TourExpress is the better option:

  • Our fleets are well-maintained
  • We hire professional and certified drivers only to deliver top-quality services
  • With us, you experience hassle-free transportation with competitive pricing
  • You can easily book our tickets according to your schedule from our website
  • Our ticket prices are fixed, with no extra hidden charges
  • We clean and disinfect on a regular basis to ensure sanitation
  • We provide child-friendly shuttle van services to cater to people of all needs

Unlike many Ottawa ride-sharing and Montreal carpooling services, TourExpress assumes full responsibility for your journey. We ensure timely pickups and punctual drop-offs at your destination. Our services are top-notch and efficient, setting us apart from subpar Ottawa and Montreal carpooling services. Seeking to travel long distances with exceptional service and affordable rates? Book your TourExpress trip today on our website for as low as $30!

When embarking on long-distance or city-to-city travel, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each transportation option. Be sure to weigh your choices carefully before making a decision. 

Pros and Cons TourExpress Rideshare Carpool
Average cost per trip *$26 – $32 *$150 – $190 *$25 – $35
Authorized commercial vehicles to transport passengers
Driver screening and police certifications
Drivers qualification and licenses
Commercial insurance to run the operations
Passengers security
Driver fatigue monitoring
Cleaning and disinfection protocols
Accidents and Responsibility

Rideshare Ottawa ⇔ Montreal

Traveling from Ottawa to Montreal spans approximately 212 kilometers, taking an estimated 2 hours. In Canada, several rideshare platforms, including Lyft, Uber, and Faceride, offer convenient options for commuters. Users sign up on these platforms, providing their details, while the apps access their locations. Afterward, riders can choose their desired vehicle type and request a ride, which nearby drivers may accept.

These apps promote themselves by offering low-cost prices but people are not aware of the risks they carry along. 

Major risks associated with ridesharing apps are: 

  • Hygiene is not taken care of or maintained in these vehicles
  • These vehicles are not authorized for passenger transport
  • Rideshare apps take no responsibility for accidents 
  • Rideshare vehicles may not be available always
  • Passengers riding along may be rude or impolite 
  • There are limited options for departing and arriving

For any long-distance journey such as from Ottawa to Montreal, comfort, safety and security should be prioritized. TourExpress provides 100% customer satisfaction, all our services are customer-friendly with multiple options available. Book your trip with TourExpress and reach your destination safely!

Passengers have a plethora of transportation options when journeying from Ottawa to various destinations across Canada, including Ottawa’s carpool services and ridesharing platforms like Uber, Poparide, and Kangaride. While the allure of low prices may be tempting, many are unaware of the potential risks associated with these Ottawa carpool and rideshare apps, as drivers often lack screenings and certifications, leaving passengers vulnerable in the event of accidents or emergencies. At Tour Express, we prioritize safety and reliability, offering travelers a secure and dependable mode of transportation for long-distance trips. Unlike other carpool and rideshare platforms, we ensure that all drivers and staff are fully qualified and licensed, providing our customers with peace of mind throughout their journey. For a smooth and secure travel experience from Ottawa to your destination, book with Tour Express today and enjoy 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Cost Effective

Our shuttle, vans and bus to ottawa from montreal trip prices are carefully crafted. We ensure our rates are competitive with other bus services from montreal to Ottawa route.

Safer Trip

Our drivers are certified and careful, we ensure your montreal to ottawa drive or trip is safest. We are confident that you will enjoy your Montreal to Ottawa Tour.

Ottawa carpooling, ride-hailing and ridesharing FAQs

What is ride sharing?2022-07-08T12:31:56+00:00

Ridesharing is an arrangement done between the owner of a vehicle and a few passengers. This arrangement is done usually through a smartphone app like Uber or Lyft. You get connected with a nearby vehicle when searching for a ride on these apps, the driver comes to your pin location and picks you up.
There are various hazards associated with ridesharing, some of them are:

  • Ride-sharing services don’t guarantee safety
  • Ride-sharing companies don’t take responsibility for driver’s mistakes
  • You may face cancellation issues with these apps
Is rideshare the same as Uber?2022-07-08T12:30:41+00:00

Yes, Uber is categorized as a ride-sharing app because it connects passengers with drivers via their app on short notice. The app also has an option of Uberpool in which people heading in the same direction can share a ride, however, this can be inconvenient as you may not match the schedule of some passengers.
Uber often raise their prices when demands get higher, many customers report delayed or canceled rides as well.

How does ridesharing work?2022-07-08T12:29:59+00:00

Ridesharing apps such as Uber or Lyft help passengers connect with independent drivers, these drivers collaborate and register with these apps to provide ride services. On searching your preferred option for a ride, you get connected to a nearby driver, providing them access to your location.

The driver gets to your location and picks you up, there may be some passengers before you, and the ride ends by dropping you at your location. Price varies for the type of service, vehicle, and time of day. You need to be extremely cautious with checking the registration number of your driver before riding in any vehicle, to ensure safety.

Is TourEexpress ride-sharing service?2023-05-09T23:23:04+00:00

TourExpress is a secure alternative to ridesharing services. We work independently, not in collaboration with any service. Unlike ride-share services, our prices and vehicle types are fixed. Most carpooling services often suffer price hikes in peak hours of the day and don’t provide transportation for long distances, whereas our services are customized to serve long routes with comfort.

We ensure safety and comfort, and all our fleets are sanitized and maintained regularly, as opposed to incompetent ride-share services. Our drivers are well-trained and experienced to cater to all needs of the customers. TourExpress is your #1 travel option for long distances!

How long is Ottawa to Montreal ride-sharing driving time?2023-05-09T23:24:26+00:00

The duration of a ride-sharing journey between Ottawa to Montreal is about 2 hours and 10 minutes, covering a distance of 197 Km. However, there are very limited options for ride-share as most ridesharing apps don’t offer travel for long distances. These ride-share services also don’t provide any guarantee on the condition of the vehicles being used.
TourExpress always makes sure you have a comfortable and smooth journey, our fleet is well-maintained and prepared to cater to all your needs. We hire only experienced and certified drivers that excel in providing top-notch services to all our passengers!

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Why Travel With Tour Express?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Tour Express Mobile
Tour Express Mobile

Ottawa to Montreal rideshare Terms & Conditions

Baggage Policy

Luggage space is limited, you are allowed to bring 1 piece of luggage which weighs no more than 23 kgs. A piece of carry-on luggage such as a handbag or laptop carry case/backpack is allowed as well.

If you wish to travel with more than 1 piece of luggage, you can do so at an extra cost, please contact us for the additional baggage pricing. Showing up for boarding with additional bags without prior notification will lead to refusal of baggage loading in an event when the baggage loading area is full or will result in extra fees at higher costs.

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded however, they can be traded in for another journey up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the purchased tickets.  

Tourexpress.ca will not be responsible for delays or cancellations caused by traffic, road conditions, weather or other causes over which we have no control.

Boarding Process

All passengers need to arrive at least 5 mins before the scheduled time of departure and present their tickets at boarding for validation. You do not need to print the tickets, just present the Barcode sent in your email to validate. 

Late arrivals will be not refunded and exchange of tickets will not be possible as well if the shuttle is missed due to late arrival. 

* The free Wi-Fi is being shared by all the passengers, speed of connection might be affected due to area and signals. Activities that consume a lot of bandwidth, including streaming, are not possible.

*Arrival time mentioned on this page can be changed due to or subject to road closures, traffic jams, accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

For more information, contact us at info @ tourexpress.ca or call us on 514-228-2303

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