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Montreal to Gatineau Trip Summary

Approximately Distance

212 Km (131.731 miles)

Approximately Trip Duration

2h 15m

One Way Trip Price From


Return Ticket Price From


Departure from Montreal

08:30 am

05:30 pm

Arrival to Gatineau

10:30 am

07:30 pm

Pick up in Montreal

Station Berri-UQAM

(Berri / Ste-Catherine)

Drop off in Gatineau

Behind Mcdonald’s on

Maisonneuve/Allumettières (Gatineau)

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Why Montreal To Gatineau with TourExpress?

There are number of reasons to choose TourExpress for your Montreal to Gatineau bus trip. We ensure that our passenger transport service is of high standards, while keeping cleanliness, cost, safety, punctuality and greener travel our highest priority.

Always Fresh & Clean

For the safety and health we clean and disinfect our vehicles after every trip. All our customers are asked to check temperature check before onboarding.

Always On Time

Our service is always on time. We take our customers urgency very seriously and ask other passengers to be on time too.

Regularly Serviced

All our vehicles for your Montreal to Gatineau trip are tested daily before and after trip, to ensure there are no breakdowns on the way for your rideshare.

Child Friendly

We are child friends service, we ask our customers to call us before booking the ticket to ensure we provide best service. At the moment we advice to bring your own car seat for your little ones.

Cost Effective

Our shuttle, vans and bus to Gatineau from Montreal trip prices are carefully crafted. We ensure our rates are competitive with other bus services from Montreal to Gatineau route.

Safer Trip

Our drivers are certified and careful, we ensure your Montreal to Gatineau drive or trip is safest. We are confident that you will enjoy your Montreal to Gatineau Tour.

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15 Fun Things To Do on Your
Montreal to Gatineau Bus Trip

Located just across the Ottawa river, Gatineau is a very beautiful city filled with loads of character. It’s small as compared to other tourist destinations in Canada but has everything you need to have a great time with your friends and family. Gatineau is Quebec’s fourth-largest city, it’s a must visit place for nature and history lovers. Book a Montreal to Gatineau bus, train, or shuttle service with Tour Express and visit this amazing rich Canadian city today.

Some tourists miss this place because they think it’s a small town but we assure you that it’s well worth crossing the river and spending a few days here. Home to some of the best museums and several attractions, you should definitely explore this city and enjoy all that it has to offer. Book a day trip or a one night stay with 2 days to explore the city.

1. Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History

This museum is one of the top and most beautiful attractions of this city. Standing on the Gatineau riverbank, this stunning museum has a collection of million artifacts. There are three galleries inside this museum, each is dedicated to a different part of history. It’s also a research centre and IMAX theatre.

2. Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum

Visiting Gatineau with your kids? Take them to the Canadian Children’s Museum inside the Canadian Museum of History. Your kids will learn so much about different countries and their cultures without even setting a foot in an airplane. There are cafes and markets in every country’s section making it easy for them to learn.

3. Mackenzie King Estate

Mackenzie King Estate

In the heart of Gatineau Park, you’ll find the stunning Mackenzie King Estate where you can explore historical ruins, walk through romantic gardens, and relax in the Mackenzie King cafe and tea room. You can also take a guided tour of this place if you’re interested to know more about the history.

4. The Gatineau Hills

Skiing in The Gatineau Hills

If you’re in the mood for a little adventure then go skiing in the magnificent Gatineau Hills. You’ll find various ski trails all over the hill, some are even lit for night skiing. Head to Camp Fortune Ski Aerial Park if you prefer downhill skiing. In summer, you can enjoy ziplining and amazing scenery.

5. The Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Park

Not only Gatineau Park is one of the largest outdoor playgrounds in this country but also is a great place to spend a relaxing time with your friends and family. In winter, you can enjoy skiing and in summer, you can go hiking and mountain biking in this park.

6. Air Balloon Festival

Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

Every year in early September, Gatineau’s Bale Park is filled with tourists and balloonists to celebrate the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival. Colourful balloons take over the sky making a stunning view. You can also go for a ride on a hot air balloon for a unique fun experience.

7. Jacques Cartier Park

The Jacques Cartier Park

Built in the early 19th century, Jacques Cartier Park hosts various outdoor events, including; Canada Day, Winterlude, and much more. It’s home to two historic buildings which now serve as a cultural education centre. Enjoy the snow playground in winter or go on a bike ride in summer for an amazing time.

8. Wildlife At Parc Omega

Wildlife At Parc Omega

Explore wildlife by visiting the most famous Parc Omega. You’ll get to see wolves, bears, and many other animals in this place. You’ll also be greeted by a bunch of friendly deer upon arrival. Whether you go on a day trip or decide to stay, you’re up for a great time in Parc Omega.

9. Head to beach

Head To The beach

In summer, the famous Leamy Lake opens for the public so everyone can head to the beach and enjoy swimming. If you’re not into swimming, just lie down, soak the sun, and have a great time. You’ll easily find washrooms, changing rooms, as well as picnic areas on this beach.

10. Trip To Wakefield

Trip To Wakefield

For picturesque views and peaceful vibes, make sure to take a day trip to Wakefield which is only 25-minutes away from Gatineau. You have to visit the covered bridge and the historic Maclaren Mill to get the full experience of this amazing town. It has a bohemian feel to it, you’ll love every second of your visit.

11. Belvédère Champlain

11. Check Out The Beautiful Belvédère Champlain

Only 26 kilometres away from the beautiful Gatineau Park lies the Belvédère Champlain which gives you a stunning view of the Gatineau hills. It’s also home to several endangered plant and animal species. In autumn, you’ll be amazed to see the orange and golden farms while hiking to the top.

12. Sunset at Aylmer Marina

Aylmer Marina

If you’re a sunset lover then you’re in for a treat! In Aylmer Marina, you’ll get to see the most stunning sunset and sunrise over the water and behind the boats. You should also visit a bar or a restaurant in downtown Aylmer for a drink or a delicious meal.

13. Go Bike Riding

Go Bike Riding

The best way to explore the beauty of Gatineau is to enjoy it on a bicycle ride. Gatineau is filled with bike trails, both within and around the city. You can easily rent a bike and roam around the city or cycle through some of the city’s beautiful parks, like Jacques-Cartier Park.

14. Wings of Canada

Vintage Wings of Canada

If you want to see old aircrafts or fly in one of those vintage gems, make sure to head to the Vintage Wings of Canada to make your dreams come true. Located at the Gatineau-Ottawa executive airport, it’s filled with combat (like P-51 Mustang and PT-19) and civilian aircrafts.

15. Join a ski marathon

To make your stay in Gatineau memorable, it’s a must to join the annual ski marathon! It’s a three-day marathon divided into 10 sections, and each section has different levels of difficulty. If you just want to have fun, you can do whatever section of the trail you like and leave the rest.

Montreal to Gatineau Trip FAQs

How many days do I need to explore Gatineau?2021-07-16T15:58:24+00:00

1 day or a day trip to Gatineau is probably enough to visit all attractions. Add 2 more days if you like to watch sunrise, sunset and night life. There is so much to visit and activities to do for all age groups.

How long is the drive from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T04:00:04+00:00

In normal conditions or in low traffic conditions, the total driving time is 2 hours and 12 minutes. But this can change depending on rush hours or peak to low times. Please your trip accordingly and give yourself some room.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T03:58:17+00:00

TourExpress shuttle bus or van service is the cheapest to travel with. One Way bus ticket starts from CA$46.27.

What are the arrival stations for buses from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T03:57:01+00:00

TourExpress busses, vans or shuttles arrive at Behind Mcdonalds on Maisonneuve/Allumettières (Gatineau) in Gatineau. This is our drop-off location or our vans arrive to this location in Gatineau.

How to travel from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T04:02:14+00:00

You can travel to Gatineau from Montreal by Air, train or on a bus /van by road. TourExpress offers regular shuttle, bus and van transport services . Book your ticket here, and visit Gatineau soon.

How far is Gatineau from Montreal in distance, on bus?2021-07-17T04:10:49+00:00

Distance between Montreal (city centre) and Gatineau using highway or by road is approximately 184 km or 114 miles. Which approximately means 2 hours drive time at the average speed of 100km per hour.

What are the departure stations for buses from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T04:07:14+00:00

TourExpress shuttle bus and van departures are from Station Berri-UQAM (Berri / Ste-Catherine). Please book online before you goto departure pickup point. Or you can buy tickets on spot if you arrive to the pickup point before service starts. It is not guarantee that you will get onboarded. To have peace of mind, please book online in advance.

Is Gatineau worth visiting?2021-07-17T04:05:23+00:00

A day and night trip to Gatineau is highly recommended. If you are young couple or travelling by yourself or want to go for a family trip with kids. There is plenty of exciting things to do and places to see in the day and night times in Gatineau. The city is not going to disappoint you. Check out out things to do section for ideas.

How many stops are there on this Montreal and Gatineaue bus trip?2021-07-17T04:12:40+00:00

TourExpress bus, van and shuttle service is a non stop service most of the time, unless there are any passenger pickup or drop off in 15 mins stop at the Airport. There are no stops made in between anywhere or to pick up anyone on the way. Unless special arrangements are made with our customer services staff in advance. For drop offs somewhere along the route, ask drivers if they can drop you or not. It is drivers choice to help you with that, he/she may decide to not stop anywhere during the trip, for the safety of other passengers.

How much is a bus ticket from Montreal to Gatineau?2021-07-17T04:11:32+00:00

TourExpress offers competitive shuttle, bus and van ticket prices. Your one way trip will cost you from only CA $46.27 and a return ticket will cost you from only CA $92.54.

What is the fastest way to get from Montreal to Gatineaue?2021-07-17T04:13:56+00:00
Fastest way from montreal to Ottawa is by Train, but due to its cost, which can be from $90 to $162. Bus travel is more economical with 2h 15m travel time and only $48 one way.
How long is bus ride from Montreal to Gatineaue?2021-07-17T04:14:47+00:00

In normal conditions or times bus trips from Montreal to Gatineau can take Approximately 2h 15m. At peak times or during rush hours it can become upto 3h.

Why Travel With TourExpress?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

Why Travel With TourExpress?

Our non stop express service will take you to your desired destination in the least amount of time. We understand these are uncertain times and your plans may change. Our vehicles are cleaned after every trip to make it most sanitized environment for your safety.

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Montreal to Gatineau Trip Terms & Conditions

Baggage Policy

Luggage space is limited, you are allowed to bring 1 piece of luggage about 24in-26in in height for a suitcase or 60L backpack. A piece of carry-on luggage such as a handbag or laptop carry case/backpack is allowed as well. 

If you wish to travel with more than 1 piece of luggage, then you should buy an additional ticket for each additional piece of luggage in advance of your trip.

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded however, they can be traded in for another journey up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the purchased tickets. will not be responsible for delays or cancellations caused by traffic, road conditions, weather or other causes over which we have no control.

Boarding Process

All passengers need to arrive at least 5 mins before the scheduled time of departure and present their tickets at boarding for validation. You do not need to print the tickets, just present the Barcode sent in your email to validate. 

Late arrivals will be not refunded and exchange of tickets will not be possible as well if the shuttle is missed due to late arrival. 

* The free Wi-Fi is being shared by all the passengers, speed of connection might be affected due to area and signals. Activities that consume a lot of bandwidth, including streaming, are not possible.

*Arrival time mentioned on this page can be changed due to or subject to road closures, traffic jams, accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

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